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Promotion and Tenure


Faculty Affairs oversees the promotion and tenure processes for all faculty at Texas A&M University, as well as the tenure review process for faculty hired with a Tenure Review Upon Hire agreement.

Evaluation of faculty for promotion and tenure is a matter of central concern to faculty and the university, and it is one of the most important university activities undertaken each year. It is through this annual process that the university upholds high standards and expectations for its faculty. Failure to provide and adhere to criteria for the granting of promotion and/or tenure can do long-term damage to a department and college, and certainly a negative decision can do long-term damage to the career of an individual.

In most cases, the judgments of professionals in the faculty member's field provide the best and most reliable basis for making sound decisions about promotion or tenure. Consequently, the level of accomplishment and potential relative to disciplinary norms and standards as judged by peer review should be the heart of the promotion or tenure process.

In evaluating a faculty member being considered for promotion and/or tenure, the appropriate faculty committees and academic administrators shall give adequate consideration to the faculty member's professional performance. Adequate consideration of a promotion or tenure case consists of a conscientious review, which seeks out and considers all available evidence bearing on the relevant performance of the faculty member, and assumes that the various academic units follow their approved procedural guidelines during the promotion or tenure review process. Such consideration should be based upon adequate deliberation over the evidence in light of relevant standards and exclusive of improper standards. An improper standard is any criterion not related to the professional performance of the faculty member. The evaluation of a promotion or tenure case should constitute a bona fide exercise of professional academic judgment.

The evaluation process consists of independent reviews at multiple levels (Department P&T Committee, Department Head, College P&T Committee, Dean and Provost). Those implementing the process must uphold high standards and, at the same time, observe scrupulous standards of fairness. The final decision for all promotions rests on the president and the granting of tenure on the Board of Regents.

Promotion and tenure at Texas A&M University employs the Interfolio Review Promotion & Tenure electronic platform. For more information and step-by-step instructions for use of Interfolio Review Promotion & Tenure, refer to the Interfolio resources page.

Access Promotion & Tenure Forms College & Department Guidelines  University Guidelines


Every Spring semester (no later than April 1) Faculty Affairs releases the Texas A&M University Promotion and Tenure Submission Guidelines and required forms for the following academic year. Dates for each step of the process vary by department and college.


Every Spring semester, Faculty Affairs offers three workshops that focus on the preparation of the faculty dossier for Promotion & Tenure depending on the action being sought.

The Tenure Process and Strategies for Preparation of Effective Materials is for faculty seeking tenure. Is it the Right Time to Pursue Promotion to Full Professor? is for tenured associate professors seeking promotion to professor. Academic Professional Track Faculty Promotion is for APT faculty seeking promotion.

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Tenure Review Upon Hire

Candidates for faculty positions whose initial appointment at Texas A&M University is at the rank of associate professor or professor are eligible to be considered for Tenure Review Upon Hire (TRUH). Note that tenure is obtained only by the affirmative action of the Board of Regents upon recommendation of the University President.
The review and submission process for TRUH will be the same as for the annual tenure and promotion reviews, described in the Texas A&M University Promotion and Tenure Submission Guidelines, with the only exception that it can be submitted out of cycle.
In exceptional cases, candidates (full professors with tenure from peer or aspirant institutions, national academy members, Nobel or Wolf Prize winners) for TRUH are eligible for an expedited tenure review. 
The process for Expedited Tenure Review will be the same as described in the Texas A&M University Promotion and Tenure Submission Guidelines with the following exceptions:
  • A minimum of 3 arms-length letters in addition to reference letters received as part of the hiring package.
  • If the faculty member is a National Academy Member, only three arms-length letters from the candidate's list is required.
  • Individual reports on teaching, research and service reports are not needed, as long as the department committee summary report addresses teaching, research and service.

Resources for P&T Committee Members

In addition to the Texas A&M University Promotion and Tenure Submission Guidelines, Faculty Affairs has developed appendices and associated instructional videos describing best practices to write teaching, research, service, and discussion reports. Links to the appendices and instructional videos can be found below.



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