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The Council of Principal Investigators (CPI) is composed of Principal Investigators (PIs) that represent PIs from members of the Texas A&M research community. The CPI is committed to the continued improvement of the research environment for students, faculty and staff. Specifically, the CPI and the PIs it represents endeavor to work with administration to provide an effective and efficient research organization to achieve the goal of being nationally recognized and competitive in research and teaching.

Faculty Conversation Café is an interactive discussion held monthly with both a zoom and in-person option available for participation.

Faculty networks represent opportunities to engage with colleagues around issues on and off campus. They provide an important connection point for faculty with shared interests, they are integral to the campus community and amplify the faculty voice on campus.

The mission of the Faculty Senate is to: foster a community of mutual respect and cooperation within the university; facilitate effective faculty participation in academic governance; broaden communication in matters of concern to the university; and engage the faculty's skills in the guidance of the university's programs.