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The Texas A&M campus culture hinges upon the work, innovative teaching, groundbreaking research and impactful service of our faculty. 

Developing a faculty-focused awards and recognition strategy provides Faculty Affairs the opportunity to position Texas A&M faculty for success and communicate their impact well beyond campus. Establishing a dynamic set of resources to support award achievement will make a tangible impact on faculty retention and engagement rates, inspire increased faculty recognition within their disciplines and encourage faculty to seek more prominent roles as thought-leaders within their areas of expertise.

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Why It's Important


External awards and recognitions increase your visibility and provide wider recognition for your work among colleagues, peers and others.

Learning Opportunities

External recognitions offer recipients new and expanded learning opportunities - residencies, travel and cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Along with the achievement of external awards come valuable faculty resources - funding, time and access to prestigious memberships.


Nationally and internationally establishing oneself within an area of expertise presents faculty with exciting collaborative opportunities and an expanded community of scholars.

Assistance Available to You


Identify awards for which you are most competitive based upon your teaching, research and/or service achievements.


Develop individual award plans, application and nomination processes, across each stage of your career.


Real-time tracking, analysis and provision of historical award winner and pathway award data.


Serve as your point of contact with awarding bodies and identify mentors to guide you through nomination material preparation.

Writing Support

Assistance with application and nomination materials data collection, drafting and editing.


Share your awards across multiple channels to celebrate and amplify achievements to our campus community and beyond.

Discover Which Resources Are Available to You

The Division of Strategic and Academic Collaborations leverages partnerships with public and private organizations to help create life-long educational and economic opportunities, discover and share solutions to societal challenges, and enrich lives through cultural events and services.

Through the Amplifying External Awards Program, Faculty Affairs partners with each college/school to support external award nominations and incentivize the resulting recognitions as a means of elevating Texas A&M faculty.

The Conversation is a nonprofit, independent news organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. They publish trustworthy and informative articles written by academic experts — including Texas A&M faculty — for the general public and edited by our team of journalists.

In support of the mission to elevate faculty, Faculty Affairs regularly offers trainings and workshops to best position faculty for external awards recognizing their excellence in teaching, research and service.

To celebrate and share the impact of our faculty, we are hosting a half-day program that includes workshops for faculty to enhance their impact and showcase some of the great work being done.

Learn Which Recognitions You Qualify For

Faculty Affairs provides a wide variety of development opportunities for faculty at every level and stage of their career.

Faculty Affairs oversees fellowships and grants in partnership with other entities. These opportunities allow faculty to further advance their career.

The SEC Faculty Achievement Awards honor those with outstanding records in teaching, research and mentorship of junior faculty and students.