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These guidelines on annual and mid-term performance reviews for faculty are based upon requirements and guidelines found in University Rule 12.01.99.M1.

College/School and department specific guidelines for faculty evaluation,

There are several steps needed before hiring someone to ensure that we successfully recruit the best candidates, fulfill requirements for hiring, and position recruited faculty for success.

There are many resources and guidelines available to guide candidates and administrators through the promotion and tenure process.


Career Paths 

Faculty Affairs is diligently working to streamline effective and efficient career paths for successful faculty development and professional progression.

Through transformational teaching based on our Aggie Core Values, our faculty must be positioned to elevate and advance the Texas A&M educational enterprise, preparing our students to be leaders of tomorrow while communicating the relevancy and impact of higher education.

Early Career Faculty are provided development opportunities and resources to establish a foundation for successful careers as Texas A&M instructors, innovative thought-leaders in their areas of expertise and impactful servant leaders in the local-and-global communities.

Mid-to-Late Career Faculty are provided development opportunities to prepare them for advancement into leadership and mentoring roles, as well as resources to help them earn awards and recognition to amplify the impact of their work.

Faculty Types

  • Academic Professional Track (APT) Faculty
  • Tenure-Track Faculty
  • Tenured Faculty