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Who We Are

The Faculty Affairs Leadership team consists of experienced administrators that lead the university through the development and elevation of faculty.

The Faculty Affairs team supports Faculty Affairs with unique skillsets, experience and commitment to serving the university.

The Faculty Affairs Council is an advisory board to Faculty Affairs that meets monthly. Representatives from each college/school engage in meaningful discussions about key issues.

What We Do

Budget & Data Management

We work across the university to strategically develop resources including the TAMU by Numbers initiative and expenditures management, startup and vacant faculty lines tracking and management, strategic relationships - Academic and Business Performance Analytics (ABPA) team.

Primary Contact: Michelle Mitchell

Team: Teresa Wright, Mahmut Gundogdu, Amy Caldwell

Dual Career

The Dual Career Program assists in maximizing employment opportunities for the partners of current and/or prospective Texas A&M faculty members. The program serves to help balance the conflicting demands of personal and professional transitions, and each client is provided a personalized acclimation experience to Aggieland.

Primary Contact: Dea Polk

Team: Carolyn Allen

Faculty Aspiring Academy

Purposed with cultivating future leaders through individual and organizational skill building, the Faculty Aspiring Academy is a strategic faculty development initiative.

Primary Contact: Heather Lench

Team: Carolyn Allen

Faculty Awards & Recognition

To maintain an environment where our faculty are valued and their success elevated, Faculty Affairs showcases and curates faculty achievements while coordinating resources for faculty to position themselves for future awards and recognition.

Primary Contact: Heather Lench

Team: Amy Wyer, Michael Johnson

Faculty Communications

As a function of the Division of Marketing & Communications, the Faculty Communications team serves to facilitate all faculty-direct communication and amplification of faculty achievements.

Primary Contact: Heather Lench

Team: Katelyn Iselt, Paul Hill II

Faculty Development & Internal Awards

We oversee faculty and academic leadership development, faculty development leave and internal faculty recognition.

Primary Contact: Dr. Heather Wilkinson

Team: Christoff Marshall, Amy Wyer, Melanie Schilling

Faculty Evaluation / Promotion & Tenure

Oversight of faculty related guidelines and SAPS revision and development, oversight of faculty evaluation processes, oversight of promotion & tenure processes, management of Interfolio/F180 and RPT systems, liaison with Human Resources & Organizational Effectiveness in faculty matters.

Primary Contact: Kathy Beladi

Team: Rebecca Baker, Royce Stengele

Faculty Hiring & Employment Actions

Direct academic unit advisement on faculty employment procedures, hiring documentation review for hiring approval, SACS guideline compliance verification and processing of all hiring requests.

Primary Contact: Rebecca Baker

Team: Nicole Abinajm, Nicole Padilla, Royce Stengele, Corie Smith

Faculty Issues, Complaints & Grievances

For faculty who believe they have cause for grievance, Faculty Affairs coordinates the availability of an independent/confidential/impartial advocate (Faculty Ombuds Office), mediation processes, along with hearings of the Committee on Academic Freedom, Responsibility & Tenure and University Grievance Committee.

Primary Contacts: Heather Lench, Mario Rojo del Busto

Team: Kelli SamplesNicole Aguilar, Kelly Drake

Guideline Review

Works collaboratively with each college/school and their respective Faculty Affairs Council representatives to ensure timely updating and exemplary modeling of faculty evaluation guidelines.

Primary Contact: Michael Johnson

Immigration Affairs

Provides support and guidance to Texas A&M University and its System members as it relates to the employment of foreign nationals, ensures that all international hires' appropriate nonimmigrant statuses are attained and proper work authorizations maintained, provides support to departments that sponsor eligible foreign national employees for permanent residence.

Primary Contact: Mario Rojo del Busto

Team: Erin Pope, Shilpa Hegde, Sahar Zubairy