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About Dual Career

Our program aims to maintain and strengthen the university's ability to recruit and retain excellent faculty by focusing on their quality of life as members of the Aggieland community. When faculty join Texas A&M University, they are often accompanied by partners (and/or family members) that are essential to the work-life balance of the faculty member. By prioritizing the professional pursuits and development of the partners of our faculty, the Dual Career program seeks to emphasize the value of these individuals to the Texas A&M community while aiding in their successful acclimation to the broader Bryan-College Station community.

How It Works

Contact Dual Career.

Step One: Contact Dual Career

The new, potential, or existing Texas A&M faculty member and/or their partner may contact Dual Career directly.

Department leadership may connect a potential faculty member with Dual Career during the recruitment process.

Dual Career initial consult.

Step Two: Initiation Consultation

Dual Career will conduct an initial consultation with the faculty partner to determine employment needs.

Dual Career resume review.

Step Three: Intensive Resume Review

The faculty partner (client) will be provided an intensive resume/curriculum vitae (CV) review based upon local job market preferences.

Dual Career job search.

Step Four: Tailored Job Search

The Dual Career Consultant will assist in connecting the client with Texas A&M departments and/or local business contacts with possible open positions.

What We Do

With goals of professional skill development and career advancement, each client we serve receives personalized assistance to identify options for pursuing a successful career in the local community. Here are the services we provide:

  • Access to job openings at Texas A&M and the local community
  • Resume/curriculum vitae review and rewrite expertise to include cover letter writing
  • Help with interviewing techniques, including mock interviews (Zoom and in-person), interview preparation and etiquette
  • Career coaching by an experienced consultant
  • Local job search information on job market salaries, benefits, websites and other resources
  • Job search techniques, job fairs and local workforce office programs and training

Client Testimonial

Dual Career testimonial - Deidra Davis.

Frequently Asked Questions