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The Faculty Aspiring Academy will offer strategic development opportunities for emerging leader faculty members across campus to sustain transformative leadership experience while making tangible impacts on academic units.

Fellow cohorts design programming to address issues relevant to Texas A&M Department Heads and collaborate with Faculty Aspiring Academy cohort members.

Department heads meet on the first Wednesday of each month to discuss how to lead an academic unit. Examples of past topics include evaluating faculty, engaging in philanthropy, strategic planning and faculty mentoring. These events are open to other leaders as well.

SEC Academic Leadership Development Program fellows engage in discussions and development initiatives designed to deepen their capacity to think and act effectively as future leaders in the academy.

New Academic Leader Orientation provides new leaders of Texas A&M faculty the tools and resources to create and develop the optimal working and learning environments.

APT to Lead is cohort-based professional development program for Academic Professional Track (APT) faculty members in or pursuing academic leadership positions.

Mentorship programs are available to Texas A&M faculty to support their professional development and their contribution to creating and sustaining our nurturing working and learning environments.

How does science fiction influence technology evolution, and vice-versa? How do we measure and perceive time and location when we are traveling in space? What are the engineering challenges we’ve begun to address for time and extended space travel, including quantum devices, growing food and medicine in space, and establishing permanent bases on the moon and Mars? Please join us for discussions of these exciting topics!

Additional Resources for Academic Leader Development

The Chronicle of Higher Education has the nation’s largest newsroom dedicated to covering colleges and universities.

Academic Analytics provides reliable, accurate, and updated data that make it simple to assist leadership in decisions that matter most. Texas A&M grants unique portal access to all faculty with a request from their Deans' offices to Faculty Affairs.

Academic Impressions provides personal development, leadership and skills-based training opportunities to faculty and staff in institutions of higher education.

New Academic Leader Orientation provides new leaders of Texas A&M faculty the tools and resources to create and develop the optimal working and learning environments.

TAMU by the Numbers is a university-sourced data base initiated to improve data accessibility, improve transparency and the quality of decision making.

Additional Leadership Development Opportunities

A new progressive leadership development framework specifically designed to help one learn what they need to know and do in their leadership role to best service the unique needs of Texas A&M. This program is open to faculty and staff persons.

The Texas A&M Leadership Educators Network is open to faculty, administrators, and professional staff dedicated to the promotion of leadership development, education, and training of students at Texas A&M University.

The Living Well at Texas A&M Well Leader Program encourages unit-level support for wellness and engagement through a network of faculty and staff volunteers dedicated to helping make Texas A&M University, near and far, a healthier campus and a great place to work!

The Leaders in Academic Medicine Program (LAMP) is an opportunity for Texas A&M School of Medicine faculty or staff members to gain foundations for effective leadership, while learning to promote collaboration, innovation, and excellence in academic medicine, patient care, research, and service.

This program is designed to train junior faculty, postdocs, and doctoral students in the Aggie Research Program to successfully lead a high-end research operation, conveying critical leadership skills, manage and direct researchers at all levels.