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SEC Academic Leadership Development Program fellows engage in discussions and development initiatives designed to deepen their capacity to think and act effectively as future leaders in the academy. Texas A&M selects four faculty annually to participate in this conference-wide initiative. To apply, faculty speak to their dean and then prepare their nomination and submit through the dean. Colleges/schools can each nominate one faculty member.

Texas A&M's 2023-2024 SEC Academic Leadership Development Program Fellows

2023 SEC Academic Leader Development Program.

Call for Nominations


  • Current faculty member with successful leadership experience and future leader potential (dean, provost and president level)
  • Must be nominated by current dean of the nominee's college/school


  • One-page nomination describing:
    • nominee's leadership experience and success
    • reasons that the fellow program will be beneficial for nominee's career development
  • Nominee's current CV


Fellows participate in:

  • on-campus leadership development throughout the year
  • meetings at other SEC institutions twice during the year.

2024-2025 Nomination Deadline

Nominations must be submitted to the Faculty Awards Program at by April 26, 2024.

Previous SEC Academic Leadership Development Program Fellows