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Awards can be added to these categories by colleges/schools based on evidence that:

  • the award is highly selective
  • the award brings broad national/international recognition to the faculty member and university - (highly prestigious) or is a step toward attaining a highly prestigious award (Pathways)

For more information or to submit an award for consideration, contact the Faculty Awards Program at

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Highly Prestigious Awards

Highly prestigious awards are those classified by the National Academies and recognized by the National Research Council's list of highly prestigious awards, as furnished by the Association of American Universities.

Pathways Awards

Pathways Awards are those classified as prestigious awards that position faculty to be competitive candidates for highly prestigious awards. More than 25% of the recipients of highliy prestigious awards have previously received a "Pathways" award.

Awardee Relocation & Travel Expense

Awards that require relocation, or that the faculty recipient propose a location associated with their award, for a period of time are eligible for the incentives associated with the Amplifying External Awards Program.

  • These awardees are eligible for an expedited Faculty Development Leave process.
    • To be eligible for this expedited process, faculty members must notify their Department, College/School, and Faculty Affairs when they apply for the award and state that they intend to apply for expedited FDL if awarded.
    • They must also notify their Department, College/School, and Faculty Affairs when they receive the award to initiate the process.
  • Awarded faculty can also receive financial support for demonstrated relocation/travel expenses associated with their receipt of a Highly Prestigious or Pathways Award.
    • Upon receipt of the award, faculty must notify their Department, College/School, and Faculty Affairs and submit a maximum one-page budget and justification for expenses.
    • Relocation expenses will be cost shared between Faculty Affairs and the recipient's college/school (50/50).
    • Note: Relocation expenses are treated as taxable income.

Additional Support

Recognition within our campus community of faculty who are demonstrating excellence is a
critical part of amplifying faculty awards and impact. Faculty receiving Highly Prestigious and
Prestigious awards will be annually recognized through a ceremony for Faculty Excellence and

Faculty Affairs will also provide support to faculty members during the processes leading up to the award receipt. This includes hosting four annual workshops focused on faculty paths for awards and best practices for:

  • Fulbright
  • humanities fellowships
  • professional science organization elected fellows
Staff support will be dedicated to working with faculty and awards committees to develop nomination materials for awards, and to proactively identify faculty who are competitive for awards, their award pathways, mentors, and letter writers.