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Developing a faculty-focused awards and recognition strategy provides Faculty Affairs the opportunity to position Texas A&M faculty for success and communicate their impact well beyond campus. Establishing a dynamic set of resources to support award achievement will make a tangible impact on faculty retention and engagement rates, inspire increased faculty recognition within their disciplines and encourage faculty to seek more prominent roles as thought-leaders within their areas of expertise.

Faculty Affairs helps faculty:

  1. Identify awards for which they are competitive.
  2. Develop individual application/nomination processes and build award plans across each faculty member's career.
  3. Identify mentors inside and outside of Texas A&M University to guide faculty as they prepare nomination materials.

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Why It's Important

Attaining external awards and recognitions provide faculty the exposure, access, resources and network necessary to help amplify their scholarly work for the broadest impact.

  • Visibility - External awards and recognitions increase your visibility and provide wider recognition for your work among colleagues, peers and others.
  • Learning Opportunities - External recognitions offer recipients new and expanded learning opportunities - residencies, travel and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Resources - Along with the achievement of external awards come valuable faculty resources - funding, time and access to prestigious memberships.
  • Collaboration - Nationally and internationally establishing oneself within an area of expertise presents faculty with exciting collaborative opportunities and an expanded community of scholars.