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The Faculty Aspiring Leadership Program offers strategic development of faculty across campus to sustain transformative change through individual and organizational skill building. Program Fellows are emerging leaders with the potential to impact the institution and build a portfolio of leadership experience. Fellows gain knowledge of institutional operations in specific areas and advance their leadership skills in higher education. The program is coordinated by the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

The Faculty Aspiring Leadership Program is open to all full-time faculty. Fellows will typically be advanced associate-level or early full-level faculty in tenured or academic professional track titles and must be in good standing in their home units. Fellows are selected based on their experience, interests that match with available opportunities, and the degree to which a leadership program matches their career path. Fellows are paired with a leadership role within a college/school or university office based on their interests and expertise. Fellows complete a project that can be successfully implemented across the fellowship period, which occurs across fall and spring of a given academic year.

Fellows contribute 25% effort across the fellowship period and should expect approximately 10 hours per week embedded in the host unit focused on their project. As part of their participation, Fellows attend professional conferences on leadership topics, engage in campus tours and activities, benefit from executive coaching sessions, and extend their network across and beyond the university. Faculty Affairs will provide $10,000 to the faculty member’s home unit for teaching replacement costs for one course and $5,000 available to the faculty member to attend a workshop, training, or conference-related leadership skill development.

Competencies developed during the program include:

  • Development of leadership skills through a process of discovery and reflection
  • Improvement of time management skills
  • Learn to respond to different perspectives to meet shared goals
  • Apply leadership concepts and skills in practice
  • Cultivate networks of collaborators, mentors, and mentees
  • Learn to articulate vision and create change as a leader and collaborator

Expectations for fellows include:

  • Engagement in the host office for approximately 10 hours a week, focused on the specified project
  • A fall celebratory dinner for leadership fellows
  • Attend one external professional development program, in person or virtually, focused on leadership and/or leadership in higher education (funded by the professional development bursary)
  • Engage in a monthly cohort-based leadership academy along with fellows from other leadership development programs facilitated by Faculty Affairs, scheduled for 12-2 on the first Tuesday of each month
  • Engage in self-assessment of leadership skills and strengths
  • Complete readings related to the monthly lunchtime seminars
  • Report the outcomes from both the project and the overall Aspiring Fellow experience
  • Following completion of the fellowship program, engage with one event annually for networking and mentoring among Aspiring program cohorts

Program Timeline

  • Project proposals from leadership are due by Wednesday, February 21, 2024
  • Interested faculty members can view projects and apply beginning March 1, 2024, and due no later than April 24, 2024
  • Fellows announced by the end of May

2024-2025 Projects

2023-2024 Program Spotlight: Dr. Troy D. Harden

Inaugural Faculty Aspiring Leadership Program Fellows Cohort (2023-2024)