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Department Head Development Fellows


About Department Head Development Fellows

This program is aligned with the mission of Faculty Affairs to support development of academic leaders especially with respect to engaging faculty and contributing to Texas A&M strategic initiatives. Applicants must be willing to dedicate the time necessary to accomplish the three activities involved.

Up to six new fellows will:

  1. Individually or in pairs, design programming to address issues relevant to Texas A&M Department Heads (e.g. lunch workshops for Spring 2021 or longer form workshop experiences).
  2. As a cohort, serve as both a focus group and as contributors to a project to redesign the Department Head Handbook and our website experience for Department Heads.
  3. Participate with fellows from other initiatives in the pilot year for our Academic Leadership Academy. This curriculum involves monthly sessions wherein aspiring leaders examine their strengths, discuss timely challenges, explore leadership approaches, and expand their networks. Each participant in the academy leaves having completed a capstone project, an individual leadership development plan.
    • Note, the Academic Leadership Academy will meet from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month. Thus, applicants must certify this availability.
All resulting program projects (short or long-form workshops or experiences) will be supported administratively and financially by our office. Fellows who complete all aspects of the experience receive a $5,000 professional development bursary.

Application information

The following application materials should be submitted:
  • Challenge Statement and Personal Narrative:  In one page, provide a statement that: 1) provides a rationale for your interest in participating in this experience; and 2) describes an important challenge you expect many department heads face, for which you would like to assist in the design of programming or resources.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Applications were due on August 30, 2021.