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Professor Peter K. Yu
Texas A&M School of Law

Peter K. Yu received his Juris Doctorate cum laude from Cardozo School of Law. He joined Texas A&M in 2015, and is a professor of law, Regents Professor, and director of the Center for Law and Intellectual Property.  He is one of the world’s preeminent comparative and international intellectual property law scholars and is one of the most cited U.S. scholars in any legal field in his generation.  Professor Yu’s scholarship on U.S.-China IP policy, IP and human rights, and international IP law has transformed academic and policy debates. His research has been published by leading university presses and law reviews, translated into multiple languages, and has provided the foundation for books, articles, and doctoral dissertations.  He has been invited to testify before the U.S. International Trade Commission and to deliver lectures at the National Academy of Sciences and at prestigious law schools including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford.  He was the founding general editor of The  Journal of World Intellectual Property journal, published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, a United Nations’ specialized agency.  He co-founded the Chinese Internet Research Conference, an annual conference that has shaped the interdisciplinary subfield of Chinese Internet research for more than two decades.