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Strategic Plan

Faculty Affairs oversees university-level faculty affairs and faculty and academic leader development. These activities are executed both via efforts within Faculty Affairs and through oversight of reporting units. In addition, we collaborate with the deans of colleges to ensure excellence in the execution of essential faculty-related processes, procedures, and rules, as well as in the design, promotion, and implementation of faculty and academic leader development. We lead and serve faculty and academic leaders in alignment with the University Strategic Plan (corresponding phrases in bold below) in the following ways:

Grow and Support World-Class Faculty

  • Recruit exceptional faculty by continuous improvement of the strategies and tactics necessary to improve diversity and excellence
  • Invest in the essential skill and career development of faculty and academic leaders
  • Retain current faculty by ensuring clear and fair evaluation
  • Steward the institutional commitment to a culture of mentoring across the entire career of a faculty member
  • Support career progression for all faculty by encouraging resilience through connection to their values, strengths, purpose, and lifelong development

Strengthen and harness our research enterprise by supporting growth and development of faculty

  • Increase the breadth and scope of our research through faculty recruitment, development, retention, and promotion
  • Expand the importance and impact of our research on Texas, the nation, and the planet through faculty recruitment, development, retention, and promotion
  • Investigate and encourage the holistic evaluation of faculty necessary to recognize and reward activities and approaches essential for success at a Tier 1 Research University

Elevate graduate and professional education through academic leader, faculty, and future faculty development programming

  • Provide faculty and academic leaders opportunities to develop mentoring skills based on evidence-based best practices
  • Encourage faculty to employ creative approaches in graduate education
  • Support faculty expansion of professional development for graduate students

Enhance transformational education and student success

  • Hire faculty with both scholarly potential and the desire to meet students where they are to connect, cultivate interest, and motivate success
  • Prepare faculty to create inclusive learning experiences
  • Provide opportunities to explore, share, and reflect upon evidence-based practices in pursuit of teaching excellence
  • Support academic leaders and faculty in pursuit of best designs for the curricula and courses necessary for effectiveness and excellence

Be a best place to live, work, and learn for faculty

  • Prioritize physical, emotional, and social well-being through faculty and academic leader awareness and development
  • Strengthen leadership capabilities through development opportunities tailored to faculty and academic leaders
  • Amplify faculty development and engagement opportunities
  • Promote an inclusive campus and community climate

Engage Texas and beyond to enhance our impact

  • Strengthen faculty shared governance by recognizing and rewarding faculty and administrators participating in shared governance and university related service activities
  • Accelerate commercialization and entrepreneurship through faculty recruitment, development, impact, retention, and promotion
  • Become The University for Texas by extending our engagement in rural and urban communities through faculty recruitment, development, impact, retention, and promotion
  • Cultivate an impact mindset among academic leaders and faculty