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Faculty members at Texas A&M University may retire once they meet eligibility criteria. The set of criteria for retirement differs based upon whether someone was hired into the Texas A&M University System on or after August 31, 2003. To read more about retirement and eligibility criteria, visit the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness website.

Community of Faculty Retirees

In 2013, the Office of the Provost initiated a program to connect faculty who have retired from Texas A&M to encourage engagement with each other, with colleagues on campus, and with the ongoing research and cultural activities in the academy. Each year they host seven programs near or on the Texas A&M campus. Membership in the Community of Faculty Retirees is open to all faculty who have retired from the university. To learn more about the Community of Faculty Retirees, visit their website.

Informational Sessions

Faculty Affairs, in collaboration with the Division of Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, sponsors an informational session every semester for faculty who may be contemplating retirement. Those who attend will learn about the logistics of retiring from Texas A&M depending on their particular retirement plan and about opportunities to get involved with the Community of Faculty Retirees. The Retirement Workshops page has more details, including dates and materials.