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University Distinguished Professor


University Distinguished Professors represent the highest level of achievement for our faculty. They are recognized as pre-eminent authorities in their fields and their accomplishments are exemplified by outstanding teaching, mentoring, discovery and service. They demonstrate to the world the high quality of scholarship underway at Texas A&M University.

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Selection Committee Makeup:

The University Distinguished Professor Award Selection Committee is composed of nine University Distinguished Professors serving staggered two-year terms. The members of the award committee must be from nine different colleges/schools, and any member must not be reappointed for two years after their term is finished. 


Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee of Distinguished Professors consists of nine Distinguished Professors. Each year, three are elected for a three year term.

The current Executive Committee members are:
  • B. Don Russell, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Emeritus) -- (Current Chair)
  • Catherine Eckel, Economics -- Current Vice-Chair (2024)
  • John Gadysz, Chemistry (Emeritus) 
  • J.N. Reddy, Mechanical Engineering (2024)
  • Joerg Steiner, Veterinary Small Animal Clinical Sciences (2024)
  • Olga Kocharovskaya, Physics & Astronomy (2023)
  • Richard Golsan, International Studies (2023)
  • Bani Mallick, Statistics (2023)
  • Paul Hardin, Biology (2023)
  • Dorothy Shippen, Biochemistry & Biophysics (2023)
  • Nick Suntzeff, Physics & Astronomy (2023)

Executive Committee Bylaws  


Award winners will be named University Distinguished Professors but will also keep their current titles and ranks; i.e., Professor of ‘Academic Department.’

  • The University Distinguished Professor honorific title is bestowed in perpetuity, as long as the faculty member remains in good standing.
  • A bursary fund is provided to new University Distinguished Professors.
  • One AM parking tag is provided as a supplement to an existing paid parking permit.