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COD Awards Selection Committee Recruiting

Recruiting Request for Awards Selection Committee Members

Recruiting awards selection committee members once annually, for all internal awards, gives college leadership an opportunity to ensure inclusive participation in this important service by faculty.
As you RECRUIT and CONFIRM new faculty service commitments for university internal awards, please keep in mind the following:

Expectations & Instructions

Deadline: Please complete this full process by 12 p.m. noon on October 13, 2021.
  1. Take into account the Faculty Affairs resources and records of past guidelines, recipients, and committee service for each award.
  2. Using the college-specific selection committee recruiting request below, identify and secure commitments from the appropriate people in your college. 
    • Endeavor to identify committee members other than those who have recently served on these committees.
    • Do not ask any single person to serve on more than one committee in a year.
    • Avoid recruiting only recent recipients of awards to serve on these committees.
    • If all selection committee openings are filled with previous winners this would likely result in more biased, and less inclusive, visions for who can win the award.
    • Put forward committee members who are appropriate to serve on each specific award committee, with respect to the eligibility criteria and timeline provided.
    • Communicate the value you place on this service for the college.
  3. Contact each committee member to secure their availability and commitment to serve before entering their name in the Qualtrics form.
    • ​​If we encounter committee members named by you who indicate they did not agree to serve, we will return to you to rectify the situation and secure a firm commitment.
  4. Once you have commitments for all the committee seats assigned to your college, use the Qualtrics form to submit the information of your newly appointed committee members for award selection. 
    • You may exit from and return to the survey, and the web browser will automatically save your progress. If you need to pause in entering your committee member information, simply bookmark the form URL,  and navigate back to that page in the same web browser to access the form where you left it. 
    • You will be required to enter information for all fields in a given section before you may move on to the next section, but you may navigate back to change an entry in a previous section if needed.
    • You will see a summary of your response entries to review just before you submit. Please verify all entries AND be sure to click “submit” to complete the process.
    • After submission, a copy of your responses will be emailed to the contact entered in the first section of the form. If you do not receive an emailed copy of responses, your form has not been submitted.
    • Form submission deadline: October 13, 2021, 12 p.m.

If you have any questions, please reach out accordingly:
Heather Wilkinson,        Questions concerning committee composition
Jeana Guillory,                       Questions concerning form submission and other logistics


College of dentistry 

College-Specific 2021-2022 Committee Recruiting Request

Need      Award Name   Recruiting Criteria   Availability Requirements
  1 faculty member   Association of Former Students DAA  
  Research Award 
  Exemplifies excellence
  in research

  Is NOT a department head,
  dean, System member 
  director, president or vice
​  president
  • January review of candidates
  • Late January/early February committee meeting
  • Two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023
  1 graduate
  faculty member
  Association of Former Students
  Graduate Student Award
  Exemplifies excellence
  in graduate teaching
  • January review of candidates
  • Late January/early February committee meeting
  • Two consecutive years, 2022 and 2023


Continuing in Committee Service


Recently Provided Committee Service

  College Representative     Department     Award Committee  
  Pooria Fallah Abed     Periodontics   Association DAA – Graduate Mentoring Subcommittee  
  Sid Poorya Jalali   Endodontics   University Professorships 
  Jayne Rueben   Biomedical Sciences   Presidential Professor of Teaching Excellence
  Joe Simmons   General Dentistry   Association DAA – Teaching Subcommittee
  Kathy Svoboda   Biomedical Sciences   Association DAA – Research Subcommittee
  Kathy Svoboda   Biomedical Sciences   Eminent Scholar Award