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Faculty Development Leave


Faculty development leave (FDL) provides an opportunity for tenured full-time faculty to arrange for a transformational experience, in which they can expand and/or deepen the impact of their scholarship. Faculty should engage with their department head and their college liaison on the university FDL Review Committee as they begin to plan for an FDL experience. Given the limited number of FDL opportunities, department and college level approvals are likely to favor those applications proposing activities most in line with their missions. For more information, watch 10 Things You Should Know About Applying for Faculty Development Leave and review the current cycle guidelines

Funds for faculty development leave come from college or library sources; however, supplemental funding comes from the Office of the Provost through Faculty Affairs. Faculty Affairs also receives funding from the Association of Former Students and the Provost’s Office to support faculty who go on faculty development leave. Funds for the faculty development leave program are distributed to each college, and the college has full discretion on how to use the funds.

There is also some funding available from the Texas A&M Foundation to support faculty who receive awards or opportunities that commit the individual to travel and live outside of College Station (e.g., Fulbright, Guggenheim, etc.). These funds from the Foundation are allocated on a first-come basis to faculty for whom accepting an award means also incurring living expenses substantively above and beyond the support received from the award, their department, or their college. If you receive a Fulbright, Guggenheim or other prestigious award that fails to cover all your expenses, you may inquire directly to Faculty Affairs for the availability of funding to assist you.

Process & Deadlines

Faculty should prepare FDL applications at least a full year in advance of the intended time of leave. Each college governs its own internal review deadlines and process, and Faculty Affairs accepts college-approved applications until mid-fall for the subsequent academic year. Applications are then routed through Faculty Affairs, the Provost, the President, and the Board of Regents. Faculty applicants are notified of approval decisions in late spring. 

Upon a faculty member's return from FDL, an FDL report must be submitted documenting leave activities, impacts of leave activities, and benefits to both faculty member and Texas A&M. 

Applications and reports may be accessed, submitted, and reviewed through the FDL section of the online faculty portal

Deadlines for FY23 (Fall 2022 - Spring 2023)

October 6, 2021, 12 p.m.
Final deadline for applications to be received by Faculty Affairs. Late applications will not be accepted.

August - September, varies
Departmental and college deadlines to receive and review faculty applications. Contact your department head to confirm the deadline relevant to you.


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